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We provide Changers to companies as Software as a Service (SaaS). Your advantage: you only pay a monthly license fee according to the number of participating employees.

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Free 14-day trial. Start with access to this plan. The plan can be changed at any time. No credit card required.
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White Label
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"With our health and CSR app, we send a clear signal about the values that are important to us"
Changers can be fully customized to your company and corporate wellness/CSR concept.
Tailored solution
20 x Administration access
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* The total number of trees displayed is granted once per booking and customer. You will receive the first 100 trees after depositing your payment details. You will get more trees each time you reach higher participation levels.

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Project settings
Your own company apptrue
Admin access1520
Trees included0*0*Tailored solution
App for iOS and Androidtruetruetrue
Participation via web browsertruetruetrue
Company challenge webpagetruetruetrue
Minimum contract duration1 month1 month12 months
Health Activities
Exercises to release tensiontruetruetrue
Meditation and mindfullnesstruetruetrue
Weekly vegan recipes truetruetrue
Back pain exercisestruetruetrue
Yoga for all fitness levelstruetruetrue
Active breaks in the officetruetruetrue
Tips for healthier nutritiontruetruetrue
Medical preventiontruetruetrue
Work safetytruetruetrue
Add your own measurestruetruetrue
Conscious Living
Mindfulness activitiestruetruetrue
Tips for saving resourcestruetruetrue
Sustainable Tips truetruetrue
Add your own measurestruetruetrue
Nudging good habits
Nutrition truetruetrue
Meditation and mindfullnesstruetruetrue
Sport and Movementtruetruetrue
Conscious Livingtruetruetrue
Gamification & Incentivization
Step challengetruetruetrue
Running Challengetruetruetrue
Cycling Challengetruetruetrue
Running & Cycling challengetruetruetrue
CO2 Challengetruetruetrue
Health Challengetruetruetrue
Theme Challengetruetruetrue
Warmup challenge phasetruetruetrue
Setup more than one leaderboard244
Add your own teams50500500
Doing good together
Plant trees against Climate Changetruetruetrue
Add your own tree planting partnerstruetrue
Raise donations togethertruetruetrue
Add your own donation projecttruetrue
Reward marketplace in the apptruetruetrue
Raffle prizes with your own lotterytruetruetrue
Create you own offerstruetruetrue
Free offers from Changers reward partnerstruetruetrue
Rewards for inviting colleaguestruetruetrue
Automated push notificationstruetruetrue
Send customized push notificationstruetrue
Show your achievements in an iFrame bannertruetruetrue
Send pre-made user invites via the admin interfacetruetruetrue
Personal key accountPersonal key accountOnboarding support and continuous supervision during project duration
HelpdeskFAQs and video tutorials in English and GermanFAQs, Video Tutorials and Helpdesk in English and GermanFAQs, Video Tutorials and Helpdesk in English and German
BrandingLogo and contentLogo and contentunlimited
Entry of own activities and contentsunlimitedunlimitedunlimited
Exchange of activity categoriestrue
Develop your own widgetstrue

What others say about us

“Compared to other health activities, Changers has been very well received: one third of the employees have signed up – and without extensive advertising. ... Changers is contemporary, the app combines many elements – nutrition, meditation, prevention, running, safety at work, cycling. An all-round successful offer for our employees.”
Steffen P.
Employee & Social Affairs Officer Lidl
“The “bonus principle” of Changers is exactly the way we consider successful to create awareness for CO2 savings among the population: I am doing something for myself and thus for climate protection at the same time. Initially, setting this up for individual companies activates the employees. The premiums provided by the company are offset against Gold Standard CO2 certificates from ADVANTAG.”
Raik H.
Managing Director ADVANTAG Services GmbH
“The main focus for us is the opportunity for our colleagues to do something good for the environment and promote health at the same time. The app motivates because our employees can plant trees by choosing environmentally conscious means of transport. We raise awareness of Changers via our intranet and are happy to see increasing numbers of participants. The feedback from staff is very positive, we really like the app.”
Silke D.
Corporate Responsibility Manager EY
“The app never gets boring for our employees - there’s always something new happening.”
Rifka P.
Expert Health, Work & Family, ING

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