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Greetings Changers, We want to apologize for the problems encountered since we transferred to the new community. We tried our best to transition smoothly but as with most major changes, some unexpected issues come along in the process. We’d like to give you an update to clarify some problems you might be experiencing while using the new community. We’re really ... read more >

You may have noticed a few “changes” around here…

For a while now we have been working on a new version of the community, chock full of updates. We are in beta version at the moment and not all functions are fully activated yet. This is the first time we are rolling out the new community so there are still a few issues we are currently working on, but ... read more >


Worldwide Solar Energy Capacity 53 Times Greater Since 2004

The yearly Global Status Report just released by the Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century has definitely shed some light on the renewable energy industry over the past decade. There has been incredible progress for solar energy coverage around the world, including a 53 time increase since 2004. The world total of solar capacity is now at 138 ... read more >

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Celebrate the Summer Solstice with Solar

This week leads up to the most important day for us and the environment culminating a year long wait: the summer solstice. We live by the sun and on Saturday, it is the time to shine in the Northern Hemisphere. The summer solstice is a brief moment during which the Earth’s axial tilt is at its greatest inclination toward the ... read more >

Solar Power Summer Solstice

How to Have an Egg-stra Sustainable Easter!

Like most holidays, Easter involves a) a long weekend and b) lots of possible waste. But, there are sustainable alternatives to every wasteful probability. These ideas could technically be applied to most holidays, but because this time of year also goes hand in hand with the advent of Spring, we bring you the best for this coming weekend in effort ... read more >

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